Weekend Photo course in Tepoztlan Mexico with Sebastian Belaústegui

These are a few of my photos I took for a express photo course on photo documentary taught by Sebastian Belaústegui maker of the book Guardians of Time, The course took place in the magical little town of Tepoztlan only a 1 hour drive from Mexico city it was a very good experience I learned alote meet a group of very different photographers each with there own style,I learned alote about editing and making choices and overall more about photography and the compelling story of Sebastian and how he started his photo carear.
It took place during the weekend carnival where they celebrate a tradition they borrowed from neighboring towns called The Chinelos dance wich is a traditional dance in the state of Morelos but is originally from Tlayacapan in which colourfully dressed dancers dance and wave flags accompanied by set traditional tunes played by a brass band.

All Photos By Christian Gonzalez (Wolf)

To see more of my Photos and learn more check out my FLICKR ——>CLICK HEAR<——

Too learn more about Sebastian Belaústegui and his work enter his home page ——>CLICK HEAR<——


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