Artist of the day: BLU

This Coffin mural was painted in L.A. at the MOCA by BLU, Fully Sponsored and requested by the Geffen Contemporary as part of its “Art in the Streets” exhibition, set to open in April. shortly after its completion the museum had a crew whitewash it, For obvious censorship reasons being that it was a strong antiwar and anti-capitalist bent.

Blu was asked if he considers the removal of his mural censorship and he responded:

It is censorship that almost turned into self-censorship when they asked me to openly agree with their decision to erase the wall.  Deitch invited me to paint another mural over the one he erased, and I will not do that.


Back to the artist this is really  an artist who I look up to, by far one of my favorite’s in the street art scene  he delivers his straight forward messages with his extremely  big in your face art, Touching  subjects that people should be aware of but instead just ignore and continue their daily Rat race life’s.

Working with many types of art from his trademark humongous murals to his mind-blowing time lapse Art animations to small notebook drawings Blu is one extremely talented revolutionary who is trying to put a message out for all the people who are still conscious of the what is happening to the planet and the current way we are living.

BLU is an Italian artist who has deliberately decided to conceal his real identity. What little is known about him is that he lives in Bologna and has been active in the street art scene since 1999.

His fame began in 1999, thanks to a series of illicit Graffiti  painted in the historical center and suburbs of Bologna. In the early years of his career his technique was limited to the use of spray paint, the typical medium of graffiti culture. His characteristic style appeared in 2001, when Blu started painting with house paint, using rollers mounted on top of telescopic sticks. This new solution allowed him to increase the painted surface area and convey a stronger intensity to his visual vocabulary.

Follow more of Blu’s work on his official website CLICK HEAR


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