Trip tip and Photos: Joshua Tree

All Pictures taken by Myself Christian Wolf  using analog Nikon fm10

Only 3 hours drive From L.A. Joshua tree marks the transition zone between the Colorado Desert and the higher, cooler Mojave Desert, where you can find the distinctive Joshua trees, so named by Mormon settlers who saw the branches as reaching up toward heaven.

The park’s Crazy shaped rocky outcroppings draw world-class climbers, who know ‘J-Tree’ as the best place to climb in California. Backpackers are less enthusiastic, as there is no natural water flow, but day hikers and campers enjoy the chance to scramble up, down and around the giant boulders and palm oases.

Summer temperatures climb above 100°F, while the average daytime highs in winter hover above 60°F, which is the same as the overnight low in summer. AT higher elevations, such as Keys Point (5185ft), it can be over 10° cooler year-round and receive more precipitation, even snow. Wildflowers bloom at varying elevations between February and May.

Great place for Photography,bouldering,sport climbing,hiking,backpacking,stargazing,Mountain Biking, crawling in caves,


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